Sounding a little nasal when you sing? Don’t blame the nose. Blame the Vowels. It’s always about the vowels. If you sound nasal when you sing it means that some air is getting up
through your nose. The reason the air is going up your nose is because of the way your are enunciating your vowels!!!!! Remember A E I O U? The way you move your mouth, and tongue effects where the air goes. So find another way to enunciate the vowel or us another vowel.

For instance…. Say the word . . . LOVE. . . .now say it using “U” . . . LUVE do you feel the change in your mouth, larynx, throat? Feel how it pulls down in the back of the throat. Now try practicing your vowels out loud. Use a British accent, or a Russian accent and feel the difference and hear the difference. Get silly and start practicing your vowels!!

 Dr. Ingo Titze! Check him out! This is one of the best videos about the voice.