When it comes to a tired voice, congestion and a stuffy nose, I have become quite the master of products and solutions.  Here is a list of my favorite products and things you can do to keep a healthy voice.

  1. Personal Steam Inhaler:  This product saved my life when it was time to head into the studio.  Staying hydrated with water is great, but when your voice is tired and sore, this product really helps to soothe and relax your throat and keep it hydrated.
  2. NeilMed Neti Pot Sinus Relief:  Stuffy nose and sinus pressure is never good for singing.  This Neti pot cleans out your nose like nothing else.  No more stuffy nose or sounding clogged.  I use this almost all year round; it keeps my nose clear and my voice ready for the studio.  Also, it helps with dark circles under your eyes!
  3. You are what you eat: If I have a performance coming up or a recording, I stay away from these 5 foods/drinks: Dairy, soy, sugar, caffeine and alcohol.
  4. Rest: Get plenty of rest before your big day.  Go to bed early and even try to limit your talking.
  5. Straw Method: Check out this straw method in my other blog.  This is also great for tired voices.