Have you thought about music lessons for your child? Well here’s some great news!
1. It will improve theie academic skills! Music and math are closely connected. Rhythms, scales, and beats all help children understand how to divide, recognize patterns and create fractions.
2. Develops physical skills! Percussion requires movement of hands, arms and feet. It can help children with coordination and motor skills. “It’s like patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time,” says Kristen Regester, Early childhood Manager at Sherwood Community Music School.
3. Music cultivates social skills. Taking classes with friends opens up interaction and communication which equals… TEAMWORK!
4. Refines discipline and patience! Learning piano, guitar, trumpet or singing teaches a child about delayed gratification. Before they can strum a guitar they have to first know how to hold it, the names of strings, and chord shapes. Each time they finish one task they set another goal to reach.
5. Boosts self-esteem!! I have seen this with my own students. Once shy and uncertain now feel confident and stronger within themselves. They have to learn how to be in front of a crowd which teaches you how to present yourself in public.
6. Your children will be introduced to other cultures. Learning a variety of instruments shows children how music is used in other countries. Bongos and timbales show children styles of music from Africa and Cuba. Violin has ties with Italy and introduces children to Austrian and German musicians. This will give your child an open mind about the world and make them curious about cultures.