Singers have said to me ‘ I hate the sound of my voice!’ Chances are if you don’t like how your voice is sounding one of the three elements is not working properly. OMG WHAT!! Don’t worry we can fix it! What are the three elements you ask? Your voice has three main parts, each with a different function. Air! This sets sound in motion. Air comes up from your lungs sending air to your vocal cords. The most common misconception of singing is ‘breath from your diaphragm’ or’ you need more air’. This can cause pitch problems and vocal cord closure issues. Next up are your vocal cords. When the air hits your vocal cords they vibrate. When they vibrate you have sound! How cool! Now if your vocal cords aren’t vibrating properly because of too much air you will not like your sound. Lastly…. Resonance! This is one of the most important parts of singing. Resonance occurs in our throat and mouth. It basically acts as an amplifier and gives us our unique voice. The way that we control our resonance is with vowels! Now if we don’t get the right vowel shape it will throw everything off and you can pull and strain. Vowels are seriously important people!! 

So basically if one of these three things are not working properly you are going to have vocal issues. As teachers it’s our job to know what is out of place and help you fix it!